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Mental Health Can't be Fixed with Duct Tape Poster. English and Spanish

Original price $6.75 - Original price $11.00
Original price
$6.75 - $11.00
Current price $6.75
Size: 8.5'' X 11''
Style: English

Mental Health Can't be Fixed with Duct Tape Poster from the CIASP. Available in two sizes 8.5'' X 11'' and 11'' X 17''. 

**The materials in this category are available for free download at (Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention CIASP website)

The CIASP website is a resource for information and training around this subject.

In support of the work being done by the CIASP, and in response to customer requests, Make Safety brings you an option to have these materials produced professionally, at the highest quality, and modestly priced. We want to make these materials available to people who are busy and perhaps wouldn't otherwise have the time create, or print your own materials. Equally, customer feedback has told us that professional quality materials is their preference as they felt it gives the subject the support and focus they wanted to achieve.

If you have concerns or questions around suicide in construction, please reach out to the CIASP.**

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