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Custom Printed Superior Mark® Floor Tape

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Custom floor signs and marking tape are excellent tools for improving organization and efficiency in your warehouse, production floor, or industrial facility.

There's more to our collection than pre-printed messages: Our custom floor signs and floor marking tape can be manufactured in any color, size, shape, or design. Use this sign builder tool to create custom signage using company graphics and logos or design visual cues displaying safety process or facility-specific messaging. Choose your product and template, adjust your preferred sign size and material, and add your custom text and graphics.

Choose from three custom floor sign grades, economical vinyl, removable rubber, or permanent inlaid mesh. Our self-adhesive rubber floor signs and tape are a medium-duty option that applies to irregular surfaces and removes without leaving residue behind. Permanent inlaid mesh is our most heavy-duty custom floor sign material: It applies with a durable epoxy coating and a gloss finish that's ideal for areas with high foot traffic.

Bring the durability of Superior Mark® floor marking tape to your facility with custom text and graphics. Our customizable floor marking tape is available in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch widths and can include the safety messages and visuals you need for your factory or industrial facility.

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