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How do Lean 5S Shadow Boards will help your business

How do Lean 5S Shadow Boards will help your business

How do Lean 5S Shadow Boards will help your business


We will start with what is arguably the most important factor of all. When our shadow boards are introduced to workplaces, this means that tools are accounted for and left in safe areas, not on the floor or in other spaces where they can potentially cause harm to employees.

For those committed to building a safety culture you will appreciate that good housekeeping is a cornerstone of the mindset you are trying to embed.


When tools and equipment can be easily found mounted on a shadow board, it reduces the amount of time spent looking for tools around workplaces. This in turn leads to more time spent working, increasing productivity.

Of course, clutter can slow down manufacturing, leading to mistakes and therefore low-quality output. Remember, “a place for everything and everything in its place”.


By using shadow boards, this frees up space elsewhere around your premises that can be used more effectively for other needs. More importantly it puts the tools in the spot they need to be!

Defective items

Because our Lean 5S shadow boards are designed to be prominent, it is clear when an item is missing. Whether it has been lost or damaged, this will alert you to the situation, and help you to prevent a fall in production or stoppages due to faulty equipment.

Once the equipment has been replaced or fixed, it can be added to the shadow board and form part of a company’s repertoire, meaning business can carry on as usual.

Increased workplace morale

Making life easy for your people, and protecting their safety of course creates engagement and a happy work force. Equally having an environment that is nice to work in attracts new talent while retaining those you already have.

It’s easy to get your tools, cleaning stations and much more onto a shadow board. Why not check out our gallery to learn more…

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