PermaTack Contamination Control Mat

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PermaTack is designed for contamination control. The unique “tacky” surface removes up to 98% of contaminants from shoes. Just clean the surface and the mats “tackiness” returns. Protect critical environments like labs, clean rooms and pharmacies with PermaTack.
This PermaTack is most effective when each foot touches the mat 3 times over an approximate run of 20’. In that scenario, the surface doesn’t need the concentration of “tackiness” because with each step the contact surface is “fresh”.
Whether this is the right product for you comes down to yourgoals and the area in which it’s being used. The effectiveness of this is the multi-step (cumulative) approach compared to the Clean Room Mat which is more of a single step solution for entry ways and smaller areas where floor space is limited. If a higher tack surface is desired then the Clean Room Mat would be the better choice. 
  • Permanently tacky surface traps and holds dirt and contaminates from shoe soles
  • Smooth surface electromagnetically attracts airborne particles
  • Adhesive backing holds mat securely in place
  • Use in place of disposable tacky mats to reduce cost and waste

What You're Ordering

  • A single mat

Sizes Available

  • 1/8in X 27in X 48in
  • 1/8in X 27in X 72in
  • 1/8in X 36in X 54ft
  • 1/8in X 27in X 10ft
  • 1/8in X 27in X 20ft
  • 1/8in X 54in X 10ft
  • 1/8in X 54in X 20ft

Colors Available

  • Blue

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