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Social Distancing & COVID-19 Management at Work

Social Distancing & COVID-19 Management at Work

Helping your people observe social distancing and stay healthy, while being productive and serving your customers is hard... 

It's a weird time with people coming to work each day with mixed feelings. Of course your people will be happy to have a job with so many in other lines of work loosing theirs. They'll no doubt appreciate too the measures you have already put in place to protect their health and safety. On the flip side, they are only human so will likely approach work with the risk of COVID-19 always in their minds...

Part of the role of safety professionals therefore, seems to be to consistently demonstrate that the company has your back, and is operating with your health and safety at the forefront of it's priorities... What better way to do that than make your commitment visible. Here's some thoughts on why and how:

1) Briefings and Town-hall's

At a safe distance from each other, and using supporting information, let people know about COVID-19 and the things they can do to stop the spread. Then keep the message visible in the workplace, with posters and banners, and why not let them take the message home too.

2) Making it Easy to Social Distance

When a person's mind is on the task in hand, and carrying it out safely, they are more likely to be productive, and less likely to have an accident right? Therefore, much has been written about the risks of a worker having to think about your new social distancing requirements as well as do their job.

Embedding visual aids in your people's daily routines reduces that risk, and makes it simple and easy for them to know what to do, where; and when. For example, social distancing floor decals prompt the desired behaviors where you want them to take place, and therefore make your policy easy to execute for your workers. As well, you can't get better than your message being in the right place at the right time! Check out these social distancing t-shirts that achieve just that.

3) Hand Washing (Properly)

Surprisingly an overwhelming majority of people don't know how to wash their hands properly. Now you can help them out for just a few bucks by clicking here. is aimed at offering modestly price top quality safety materials to help you keep people safe and healthy at work. 

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