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Back to Work After Lockdown. How To Get it Right.

Back to Work After Lockdown. How To Get it Right.


It is undoubtedly a challenge to be confronted with something we've never dealt with before in our lifetimes. On the flip side, back-to-work planning also offers a rare and exciting opportunity to 'start from scratch'. The challenge then is to get it right..


Be Free in Your Planning

Don't forget to take this opportunity with both hands and pioneer the best way forward for your company. You have blank sheet of paper. You don't need to get bogged down by the 'what we've always done'. This is the first time we've addressed this specific challenge so start afresh and deliver something that really fulfills what you want to achieve. Give yourself the time and space and take this chance to be the best you can be!

Remember too, the majority of workers want to be at work taking home a paycheck, so your plan to protect them and their families will no doubt be well received.



Just as important as your plan is the communication of it. Even if your workers have a great attitude towards keeping everyone safe, it's your job to make sure they get it, not the other way around!

Of course initial communication is important, a handbook is a great idea, and even a video like this one by Ford Europe. This is not enough. Embedding the message into your people's daily work lives is so important. It helps and supports them, it develops them into your new working normal, and creates an underpinning accountability too. You can read more about this here.


Dynamic Review

The term 'review' often comes with negative connotations and paints a picture of an involved and lengthy process...

This is not the intention of  'Dynamic Review'. Take this opportunity to empower your supervisors to say GREAT JOB! (at a distance of course) and create a positive environment that reinforces and celebrates the right behaviors. You'll also be demonstrating your organization's commitment to your program and doing the right thing.

Dynamic Review isn't a big deal to make happen. It's done through the course of the working day and helps develop unity within your teams and build a culture fit to thrive in this new normal.


Make Safety understands that time is of the essence. To that end, e have an ever-growing tool box that'll help you deliver the above effectively and quickly. Check it out and lets make the difference together. We Got This!

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